A Boat With a Roof You Can Dance on

November 13, 2014

Inside Passage

Having accrued a number of years in the yachting industry, it is fun to follow the history of boats as they change hands over time. Some boats are particularly interesting to keep tabs on, either because they have an intriguing story behind them, or because they tend to attract fascinating owners. There are a series of boats in Vancouver which have captured the imagination of local boaters for years. Styled on vessels of a bygone era, the yachts called “Belle”, “Hot Rum” and “Inside Passage” have graced the local waters since the early 1980’s. Their classic features make them as lovely to view today as when they were first launched. Few vessels can make the same claim. I was involved in the sale of Inside Passage many years ago, and recently visited the boat again. These boats have been sold multiple times by Mount Seymour Yacht Sales, on Granville Island. They are always a favourite among boaters who want the charm of a classic boat, without giving up the comforts and modern advancements that improve the present day yachting experience.

My visit to Inside Passage at Spruce Harbour Marina was sparked by meeting the current owner, Wendy Bryan, briefly at Granville Island. The vibrant owner epitomizes why people enjoy yachting; she is full of energy, enthusiasm, and adventure, three attributes the help one make the most of the boating lifestyle. When I heard that Inside Passage was the boat she had recently purchased, it came as no surprise. Both the boat and the new owner seem to defy age, showing that a history founded on classic taste and a future set toward adventure can make for a stunning combination.

Inside Passage and her sister ships were modeled on the vessels of the rum running era, and one can’t help but feel part of their charm has to do with the details that suggest an intriguing past. Features such as stained glass, a old-style diesel oven, and teak interior give one the impression that one has stepped back in time. The 47′ yacht has a 12′ beam giving it a sleek look. Stepping inside the boat, the salon and galley provide ample room to entertain guests; on summer days or warm evenings, the party can spill out onto the aft deck. The boat was once the subject of a book, and stepping on board is like stepping into the pages of a story whose ending has not yet been written.

Inside Passage Galley Stove

Each yacht owner has the potential to improve or neglect the boat in their possession. When Wendy Bryan took possession of Inside Passage, the first thing she did was replace the roof which was in need of repair. Rather than skimping on this project, she insisted that the work must culminate in “a boat with a roof you can dance on”. If more people danced on the roofs of boats, they would find the quality of their lives would greatly improve. There are technical aspects of boating that every owner should master for sure, but in gaining this knowledge they should not forget that one of the fundamental reasons to get into boating is to improve the quality of your life. Boating keeps you active; keeping active keeps you healthy and full of vigor.

Years ago I began to study what went into leading a long and vibrant life. It seems some people just have a knack for packing their days with enjoyable living regardless of their age; others settle into a state of complacency and boredom early on. The same is true of yachts. Some boats, like Inside Passage continue to look great and run well despite being built in the early 1980’s, while other newer boats look dated a year after they are launched. It seems to me that the secret to a long and happy life for an individual or a boat is much the same. Start with a good foundation, keep your operating systems in good condition, and keep moving. For a boat this means cruising the local waters, and for a boater it means occasionally hopping up on a roof you can dance on. The stars that have guided navigators for years have not ceased to shine with age; we all could learn much from them, and from people who spend their seventies dancing on roofs of boats.

If you’re inspired to take up yachting after reading this, be sure to drop me a note and I’ll do my best to help you find a boat that fits your needs.

Inside Passage on Water

Be sure to check back in a few days for an interview with

Anne C Graham, author of
Profit in Plain Sight

Anne is also an avid boater. It seems like women boaters really do enjoy life!

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